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About Us




Here at Cinnabar, we produce a wide array of Soil and Horticultural products to meet your needs.  From the commercial producer, to the avid greenthumb, to the less experienced grower, we have the product for you. From your organic vegetable garden on your deck, to the Cactus plant on your counter, or custom blends for your nusery, we have growing mediums for every growing need . Indoor speciality soils, planter mixes, hanging basket mixes, soils amendments,custom blends, composted manures, coir based soils, mulches, rocks, the list goes on and on!!  As a primary producer and distributor, Cinnabar is able to control the entire process from start to finish.  We like this, we take pride in our products and value you as our customer. 

As we limit our manufacturing to "just" the soil and amendments, the other 9,000 products we distribute are sourced from vendors near and far... Many are our neighbours on Vancouver Island or across Canada. Other products are manufactured "South of the Border" and we source and import a selection of products from countries all around the world.



Peat Soil, the base of all our Potting Soil products is excavated from our own peat area ensuring ongoing consistency.


Cinnabar Valley Farms has been manufacturing high quality horticultural products on Vancouver Island for the past 40 years.  Right from day one, Peat Soil, the base of all our Potting Soil products has been excavated from our own peat area ensuring ongoing consistency.

We are a 2nd generation family business and Island proud. We have "grown" a lot over the years. In the early 1970's our first bagged soils were hand filled, 1 litre "baby" bags delivered in an old pickup truck to Woodwards Department Stores.

Currently, we manufacture and distribute over half a million bags Island wide to many Nurseries and Garden Centres. From Tofino to Sidney, Lake Cowichan to Cortes Island, you can find our products all over Vancouver Island and the Lower mainland, Interior BC and Provinces across Canada!!  Still to this day each product is personally overseen from mixing of soils to filling of bags, ensuring a consistent high quality.

Today at Cinnabar Valley Farms we manufacture many different types of horticultural products ranging from Potting Mixes, Organic Potting Mixes, Ocean Plus Earth, to Bark Mulch, Manures & Composts, plus a full range of specialty products and Custom Blends.

Our goal is to provide superior products, service, and support to our customers.